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A wonderful way to commemorate graduations, anniversaries, your business, organization or special remembrances, your tile will be viewed by visitors to the food bank for years come.

The Wall of Hope is located on our patio just outside our main entrance. Installation of new wall tiles takes place every other year.

Tile donors are invited to an exclusive Tile Dedication reception on our patio. Your donation will make a real difference.

***You will have the opportunity during check-out to tell us what you would like on your tile and we will follow-up to confirm we received it.***

We will be installing the tiles in August 2022 and will invite all our wonderful tile donors to a casual Tile Installation event to view and take photos with their tiles.

For more information and questions contact Dawn Barreras at (831) 232-6369 or email dawn@thefoodbank.org

$2,000   12" x 12" Laser Engraved Tile
$1,200   8" x 8" Laser Engraved Tile
$700  4" x 8" Laser Engraved Tile

Location / Venue

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In Support of Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County

Together We are the Food Bank. Donors like you, volunteers, community partners, the AG community, businesses, the faith community, students, and families working alongside each other providing access to needed food for people in Santa Cruz County. 

We are the Food Bank – Reaching 65,000 people monthly ensuring they have access to healthy nutritious food. Our unity, working with 80 agencies, engages the community, teaches nutrition classes, distributes food and helps people access the CalFresh food assistance. Through all seasons, through the pandemic, fires, earthquakes, storms and floods, We are the Food Bank of our community. 

Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County is a member of Feeding America.