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Pack produce bags to be distributed the following week!

Second Harvest has declared February to be Sustaining Donor Appreciation Month! What is a Sustaining Donor (aka Sustainers) and what should you expect? 

Sustainers are people who have signed up for an automatic recurring donation! Becoming a Sustaining Donor helps us know what is  coming in every month so we can plan for a year of distributing healthy foods. 

Hunger is not a short-term problem, it persists in our community, and is more evident today because of the rising cost of housing, food, and basic goods. 

Thank you to our Sustaining Donors for helping Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County meet the ongoing needs of our neighbors by giving a recurring donation.

If you like to become a Sustaining  Donor you can join our community of over 500 people and help  feed our neighbors.

This month you can expect:
  • Special stories from other Sustaining Donors
  • A MATCH from a local donor for people who increase their gift size or sign up to become a Sustaining Donor
  • An invite to a really fun Saturday Sort on February 26 (link) with updates on what the day entails
We are so excited to get to know you all more and celebrate you!

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In Support of Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County

Together We are the Food Bank. Donors like you, volunteers, community partners, the AG community, businesses, the faith community, students, and families working alongside each other providing access to needed food for people in Santa Cruz County. 

We are the Food Bank – Reaching 65,000 people monthly ensuring they have access to healthy nutritious food. Our unity, working with 80 agencies, engages the community, teaches nutrition classes, distributes food and helps people access the CalFresh food assistance. Through all seasons, through the pandemic, fires, earthquakes, storms and floods, We are the Food Bank of our community. 

Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County is a member of Feeding America.



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