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As you know, food insecurity is a growing concern in our society, and it's more important than ever to support those in need. Second Harvest has been working tirelessly to provide healthy options for families and individuals who are struggling to put food on their tables. We have seen a significant increase in demand for our services due to local disasters and inflation, and we are committed to meeting this need.

One of the ways we are helping our community is through our nutrition program. The goal of this program is to provide our neighbors with access to nutritious food options and educate the community about how to prepare healthy food. We believe everyone deserves access to healthy food, regardless of their financial situation.

However, we are in urgent need of additional funding to continue our nutrition program. The cost of healthy food is constantly rising, and we need your support to ensure we can provide our clients with the best food options.

By supporting our nutrition program, you are not only providing food for those in need, but you are also helping to promote healthy eating habits and lifestyles in our community. The nutrition education program offered by The Food Bank aims to educate individuals and families on healthy eating habits, balanced meal planning, and the importance of incorporating nutritious food into their diets. Through this program, participants can learn about portion control, cooking techniques, and ways to make healthy food choices on a budget.

This is especially important for families and children who may not have access to these resources otherwise. We understand that times are tough for many people right now, but we hope that you will consider donating. Renewed support from donors like you will help provide food to those who need it most.


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In Support of Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County

Together We are the Food Bank. Donors like you, volunteers, community partners, the AG community, businesses, the faith community, students, and families working alongside each other providing access to needed food for people in Santa Cruz County. 

We are the Food Bank – Reaching 65,000 people monthly ensuring they have access to healthy nutritious food. Our unity, working with 80 agencies, engages the community, teaches nutrition classes, distributes food and helps people access the CalFresh food assistance. Through all seasons, through the pandemic, fires, earthquakes, storms and floods, We are the Food Bank of our community. 

Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County is a member of Feeding America.



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