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An important MMS tradition is the Second Harvest Food Drive of Santa Cruz County, organized by our second grade class with the help of their big buddies. Like many things this year, the Food Drive is a little different. Although food donations will not be accepted, second graders are still learning about hunger and food distribution and encouraging giving funds directly to the Food Bank. Funds for the Food Bank are needed now more than ever! Did you know that for every $1 donated it can feed up to four people in Santa Cruz County?! Look here for updates in January about how much the Food Bank was able to raise with the help of our community and thank you in advance!!

Mount Madonna School

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  • 800 Ohlone Pkwy
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Holiday Food & Fund Drive 2020

About This Campaign

Help Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County continue to fill the gap and feed hope by providing healthy food throughout the current crisis and beyond.

100% of the funds raised during Holiday Food and Fund Drives goes to providing food to distribute at our partner agency locations.  Second Harvest Food Bank has the ability to provide 4 meals  for $1.  As part of Feeding American we have wholesale buying power. We can purchase truck loads of peanut butter at wholesale, apples for 8 cents a pound, celery at 12 cents a pound etc.  

We distribute food through our partner agencies and our programs throughout Santa Cruz County.  Since March 2020,Second Harvest has doubled the amount of food we are distributing. Our food distribution grew from 650,000 pounds per month to 1.2 million pounds per month. On average the number of Santa Cruz residents receiving food rose from 55,000 to over 100,000. 

If you need help setting up your page please contact or call 831-498-4119.
  1. Courtney Kendall
    Courtney Kendall gave a $52.44 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Dahlia Bell
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  2. Michael Bell
    Michael Bell gave a $52.44 donation
    Merry Christmas! Given in the name of Dahlia Bell
    9 months ago · Like
  3. Hema Walker
    Hema Walker gave a $25 donation
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  4. Carmen Virgos
    Carmen Virgos gave a $42.01 donation
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  5. Margaret Moore
    Margaret Moore gave a $208.86 donation
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  6. An anonymous donation of $5 has been made
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  7. Britt Moutafian
    Britt Moutafian gave a $104.58 donation
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  8. Lara Kilpatrick
    Lara Kilpatrick gave a $26.37 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Mount Madonna School students
    Happy to support Mount Madonna School's fundraising effort for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz County. Proud of the MMS students for their care for our local community.
    10 months ago · Like
  9. Joanne Johnson
    Joanne Johnson gave a $26.37 donation
    Kami’s mom supports MMS and Second Harvest Food Bank!
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  10. Janette vecchiarelli
    Janette vecchiarelli gave a $52.44 donation
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  11. Kami Pacheco
    Kami Pacheco gave a $26.37 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Babaji
    Grateful to be able to help others this season.
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